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Hi Friend,


MAPS Incredible NEW Updates Including CC Payments now accepted 


Maps just smashed 22,000 members. 


100% of the members make money from day one. 


Maps now accepts credit & debit card payments...


Here are the instructions to order your credit packs...



For those members who have been re-directed to the

 "Page Not Available" screen at VXGateway when purchasing your credit packs.


1. Go into your MyAdvertisingPays profile page, make sure your name 

and address matches your credit card statement address.


2. Where it says State, change it from "International" to "AK - Alaska"


3. Enter your MAPs transaction pin and click the "Update" button.


4. Now when you go and buy your credit packs via the VXGateway 

you should now be re-directed to the VXGateway loadfunds page, 

where you enter your CC details and within a few seconds you will 

have purchased your credit packs.


If you have already set up your VXGateway account prior to buying 

your credit packs via the link in Mike's latest update, you will be 

presented with a login screen before the load funds page.


Just enter in the username and password you chose when 

signing up, then you will be re-directed to the load funds page.


After you have done this read this important update from CEO

Mike Dees 


Thanks for reading now go and MAX OUT YOUR CARDS BUY MORE credit packs!




Be sure you get this out to ALL YOUR TEAMS & ALL YOUR MEMBERS.


Lets do this!


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Maps just SMASHED 21,000 members.


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No Blogging


Seriously this is EASY...


In Short...


"It's impossible NOT to Make MONEY" 


If you want to learn from someone who is making

over 100K a MONTH with MAPS then be at the

next MAPS London event. 


I will be sharing with you EXACTLY what it takes

to earn over a MILLION Dollars per year by

clicking a mouse or touching a smart phone.

Our Mission Stamp Out Poverty and Cybercrime


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