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Custom Landing Pages and Regular Hangouts

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My Advertising Pays  Business Opportunity

Experience the power of getting paid to advertise!
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Access to this sort of “Buyer traffic” would typically cost at least $200 (free for YOU)
Each Credit Pack also allows you receive part of the “Daily Profit Share” The “Daily Profit Share” is made up from corporate advertisers who choose to advertise
on the M.A.Ps Website.

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Sharron n Bob



How To Become A Top Producer



If you have a business, you need highly targeted traffic ! Get paid 72 times daily to drive targeted traffic to your offer “If you can Click a Mouse you can Make Money with This System”

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Big Profit Ahead Attend University Of Internet Science

Colect E Mails Make Money Be one of the
100 people we help to earn $10,000 a
month Making money online isn't some
secretive process only the guru's know.
Its the simple practice of choosing a good
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three links is broken and you need to try
something new.

Welcome to the team in advance! Become one of our 100

founding members that we work with to reach $10,000 a month

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Sharon n Bob



PPS More reasons to join us


Top Producer Formula


Hello Team!

WOW! What an incredible day spent with Dave Wood
and Company! For anybody that was on the live
stream you know what a transformational and
empowering day it truly was to experience 6 hours
of pure magic!

Some of the best training he's ever done! Dont delay
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Top Producer Formula

OK so the top producer formula link to the live broadcast now
is a 7 dollar tripwire! We have already got landing pages going out to
Facebook Groups with 27 opt ins so far since wednesday.

Call me if you want to have us build one for you

You can add an a weber or get response list in the back office of en
to integrate your leads.


Top Producer Formula

Take a peak: 1 is opt in

2 is transfer for facebok links

Are you on fire and ready to change your
life by building a million dollar business in the direct sales industry?

These 5 Simple Things Will Change Everything
I Want To Be A Top Producer

Privacy Policy: We hate SPAM and promise to keep
your email address safe.

The other funnel that is converting well is big profit

Collect E Mails Make Money join our team and
get your own big profit system free

Combine our list building capacity now along with what we
learned in the Top Producer Formula and you have a roadmap to
10k a month asap....

Remember you must be an affiliate with empower to promote this
and to collect commissions!

Heres the link to get your own big profit system free

OK So make it a great day!

Questions? all us 508 488 9404
e mail

Top Producer Formula

Hangouts tuesday and thursday 11 am est marketing training
stay tuned for invites

Sharron n Bob top producer formula

top producer formula secrets of top recruiters

My Advertising Pays Training Facebook Groups

Need To Put Your Message In Front of Thousands of Targeted Visitors Right Now?  This Facebook Groups Poster Software Tool Solves That Problem For You With Just The Click of A Few Buttons! 



Questions? Give us a call 598 488 9404

or e mail


Sharron n Bob

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